Chandrabhag Beach – Sadly, not so famous beach of Orissa..

Before writing..I want to share a few pics, that attracted me to this place just 4 kms from the famous sun temple of (Odhisha)Konark..


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A pristine blue beach with less human dominance ,I read somewhere and was instantly attracted to the place…The beach has no doubt lesser human presence than the world famous -over crowded/Hyper commercialized Puri beach…but, what broke my heart was the place is like an open garbage..sadly /shockingly ! It was so little one loves to explore everything and anything that comes her way..I was scared to let her even stand on the sand…( of-course she did not let my concerns bother her fun )


Beaches are fun…Blue water…the sound of waves, the cool breeze hitting your face, and yes the sun…I feel the sun looks sexy on a beach anytime of the day….Mentioning sun ( surya dev)..I remember a legend ( not so famous associated with him ).Once upon a time there was this damsel named chandrabhaga. She was a divine beauty and hence Surya dev( sun) was magnetized towards her…He wanted to express his love to her..But Chandrabhaga  was not impressed and she did not offer herself to god… Maddened by romantic pangs, the God chased behind a frightened Chandrabhaga who jumped into the river and killed herself, succeeded in protecting her chastity. As a mark of tribute to her sacrifice, every year on the 7th day of the full moon fortnight of Magha month, people from all over the state and outside gather to take a holy dip in the river that is reduced to a shallow pool, offer their prayers to the Sun God and enjoy the sunrise.  During this festival the trio trishambhu is assembled on an altar near the holy pond. the tishambhu comprises of (Triveniswar of Madhipur, Aishaneswar of Santhapur and Dakhineswar of Bang ) Many devotees and locals offer puja and bhog to the three deities.

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I could spot a temple on the beach, few locals advised us not to go near…( I am still curious ,why were we stopped ) Moving further …I saw an army of trees lined up on one side of the beach( no one could tell me the name of those trees)…the path to the parking is lined up by small shops selling shells and shell related handicraft..( I loved the place no doubt !)

Before ending, I remember there is another legend associated with the beach, which  says… Sambha son of lord Krishna was once cursed of leprosy by none other than his father ! Sambha was very handsome and krishna felt his 16000 wives were getting more fond of Sambha than him ! Broken hearted ,Sambha was roaming in Chandrabhaga river,they say….He prayed to sun god ,with full devotion and was cured of his leprosy !!

Chandrabhaga River meets the sea ,but sadly over the years has dried up..We could not locate even a small stream or something 😦